Theresa Weymes


I grew up with the folklore that in 1909 my grandfather Patrick Joseph Weymes (of Kinnegad Westmeath) went after the unclaimed title of Earl of Bogie.

He was unsuccessful and the title went to Sir John Wemyss Kessler in Canada. All that remained of my Grandfathers research was a fragment of the prerogative will index for 1782 which started my quest to connect my tree with Sir Patrick Wemys of Kilkenny.

Over the past 20 years research has been difficult beacause of the due to the Four Courts fire in 1922 which destroyed most of our genealogical records. The Weymes/Wemys of Westmeath are connected to Sir Patrick Wemyss though his Grandson Francis Wemys(1691) who lived only a few miles away from the Westmeath Wemyss at Kill Kildare and had fourteen children with simular names to our own.

But through our research Michael and I have sucessfully completed several others family trees going back as far as 1604.

Specialist areas are Westmeath, Kildare, Offaly and Kilkenny but we also cover other counties.

Michael Weymes

My grandfather was born in Carrowgilpatrick near Skreen in Co.Sligo in 1868. He came as an RIC policeman to Co. Westmeath, and married and settled near Delvin.My family tree is now complete and as a result of that great experience I have joined with my colleague and friend Theresa (we are not related except in spirit) to use this webpage to help, assist, and encourage all the Weymes and variants who may be contemplating writing up their family history. We have oceans of research filed if you don't find what you are looking for please contact us we are happy to do look ups.

Specialist areas are Sligo, Longford and Roscommon.

Sadly my dear friend Michael died in November 2019