James Weyms -The Lightning Flash6-nations

James was a Police Magistrate, and an old pioneer resident ofBrantford. He was born in Kingscourt,County Cavan,Ireland,May 16th, 1815, and was a son of Thomas Weyms and Anne Whaley. The former of whom died inIreland 1827. His mother and five children, four boys and a girl, came toCanada locating atKingston, where she died the following September.

When James was twenty-one he parted with his brother, who was City Surveyor, and came west toToronto, which was a smaller place thanKingstonat that time, and taking a boat there toHamilton, arrived inBrantford,August 30th, 1836.

He once tossed a penny to see whether he would go toLondonor remain inBrantford, and he remained inBradfordand had only one dollar and fifty cents on his arrival here. He worked with the wealthiest man in Bradford Mr. A. Huntington, and received a good business education.

James then entered into the sale and manufacture of boots and shoes near theIronBridge, and continued working at his trade until 1856 or 1857.

About 1860 he retired from active business and in 1858 was appointed Magistrate and Police Magistrate in 1865, holding that position for a number of years.

He was councillor for two or three years, and also Reeve and Deputy Reeve, and subsequently Mayor for three terms.

He was deeply involved in improving the city, and he built sixteen residences and one business block onColborne Street.

Chief of the Six Nations Indians

For twenty-two years he had been a chief of the Six Nations Indians, and was held in high esteem by them. They came to him for advice and counsel; and they had implicit confidence in his judgment. When a misunderstanding takes place between husband and wife, the woman would immediately apply to his worship. After admonishing both, setting forth the duty the one owes to the other, reconciliation would take place, and the results are many happy families on the reserve through his instrumentality.

In 1860 he was called Rugystondya: by interpretation, The Lightning Flash.

James Weyms was married in 1840 to Mary ONeill, a native ofIreland. They had seven children, Mary died in August 1863.He married again in 1865 to Mary Gray, a native ofIreland, and two children were born of this union. His children were Charles, Mary Margaret, Thomas, James.

They were members of the Wellington Street Methodist Church, of which he was one of the trustees. He died15 Dec 1889 in Brantford Ontario Canada.

James Weyms brothers Francis Weyms was born 1807 Kingscourt CavanIreland, he died27 Dec 1866 Kingston Ontario Canada. Wife Elizabeth Peterson. Children Robert and Annie Elizabeth

Another brother Robert Weyms was born 1811 and died 25 Jan 1855 Ontario Canada. .