Donegal Weymes

John Weymes Donegal Fisherman born 1762.He was tried at Carrickfergus Co Antrim in 1823 and sentenced to deportation for life. He was put aboard the Castle Forbes, which berthed on 20th January 1824. He was sent to Windsor-source state records of New South Wales

Transcribed from the Parish Registers

Transcribed from the Parish Registers as they were written in the registers .Variants spelling of the surname possibly these are all Scottish.There is no further record of any marriage or births for them in any records, and on checking with the Ulster Museum in Omagh who have records of emigrants to USA there is no reference to Wemyss, so they must have returned to Scotland, moved to another county or died out.
Clondavaddog C.O.I

Rachel Weyms. Date of Christening 31/10/1796

Father: John Weyms Mother: Isabella McDonnel
Tullyaughnish C.O.I

Isabella Weymss. Date of Christening 28/9/1810

Father: John Wemyss Mother: Isabella(surname not recorded)

Ramelton Third Presbyterian Church

James Wamys DOB 24/9/1840, Christening 24/1/1841

Father: John Wamys Mother: Sarah Russel
Letterkenny First Presbyterian Church

Matilda Weymss DOB 2/7/1849 Christening 5/3/1850

Father; John Wemyss Mother: Sarah Russel
Letterkenny First Presbyterian Church

Sarah Agnes Weymss DOB 27/1/1851 Christening 25/6/1851

Father: John Weymss Mother: Sarah Russel
Ramelton Third Presbyterian Church

Robert Wayms Christening 7/11/1842

Father: John Wayms Mother: Sarah Stewart