Wemys/Weymes of Kildare

There are two distinct branches of Weymes in the same barony in Kildare.Both familys are found under Wemys and Weymes The first branch are descendents of Francis Wemys grandson of Sir Patrick Wemys(see section on Kilkenny). Francis lived in Kill, Kildare moving there after inheriting land from his Uncle James. Francis was an Army officer who later became MP for Harristown. He had six sons and eight daughters, from which this branch grew. Many descendents of Francis Wemys remained in Kildare.

However, the Wemys of Frankford (see the section on the Offaly Branch) can trace themselves back to Kildare. Also the Wemyss from Colchester in England originate from this branch (they changed their name to Colchester-Wemyss after the marriage of Francis Wemyss to Elizabeth Colchester in 1808). The other branch of Weymes in Kildare are Catholic. Records relating to this branch start in 1820 - there are no records prior to this and no indication of there origins.