Sir Patrick Wemys of Danesfort Kilkenny Descendants


The Kilkenny Wemys were prominent in most aspects of Irish life from about 1630 to the late 1890's. They were descendent from Sir Patrick Wemys who was born 1604 in Fife and was a was Captain-Lieutenant to Earl of Ormond in the Army of King Charles. He married Mary Wheeler who was a daughter of Jonah Wheeler, the Bishop of Ossory. They had five sons of which two died as bachelors. Only Maurice and Henry had children.

Henry Wemys had six children. His direct descendants stayed in Kilkenny until Major John Otway Wemys left for England in 1871. Major John died in Kensington London in 1891 and is buried in Fife Scotland. He was married to Julia Sophia Browne who died with no heir; she sold the Danesfort estate in 1892. Major John was said to have had several illegitimate children one of which carried the family name forward.

Maurice Wemys had one son, Francis Wemys who moved to Kill Kildare and had 15 children which gave rise to the Kildare and Offaly lines. The Colchester Wemyss of Gloucestershire came from this line.


Colchester Wemyss

Francis Wemyss Captain Royal Marines, married 1808 Elizabeth, daughter of John Colchester of Westbury descended from the marriage of Sir Duncombe Colchester 1655, with Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr Sergeant Maynard and had issue by her [she died 1821]. This name and male line eventually died out in the 1950s.

Portsmouth Wemyss

Another line another Francis Wemyss from Offaly, their line also died out in 1920s.