Sir Patrick Wemys Descendents

Countess of Brandon/Ellis Agareliz-agar-by-philip-hussey-ancestry

Ellis Agar was born 1708 to Mary Wemyss and James Agar she died 1789 . She was married to Viscount Theobald Bourke 7th Viscount of Mayo . Her mother Mary was the daughter of Henry Wemyss and Elizabeth Blundell of Danesfert .

Kilkenny Wemys
The Kilkenny Wemys were prominent in most aspects of Irish life from about 1630 to the late 1890's. They were descendent from Sir Patrick Wemys who was born 1604 in Fife and was a was Captain-Lieutenant to Earl of Ormond in the Army of King Charles.He married Mary Wheeler who was a daughter of Jonah Wheeler, the Bishop of Ossory.(see Sir Patrick Wemys )


Sir Patrick's Wemys and Mary Wheelers children

crestHe had five sons of which two died as bachelors. Little is known about the third son Jonah as no records have been found in which his name appears. Only Maurice and Henry had children.

Maurice Wemys had one son, Francis who moved to Kill Kildare and gave rise to the Kildare and Offaly lines covered in different sections.

Henry Wemys had six children. His direct descendents stayed in Kilkenny until Major John Otway Wemys left for England in 1871. Major John died in Kensington London in 1891 and is buried in Fife Scotland. He was married to Julia Sophia Browne who died with no heir; she sold the Danesfert estate in 1892.Major John was said to have had several illegitimate children but one son was called Otway-Wemys born 08 Dec 1844 Black Mill St Kilkenny Ireland. He carried the family name forward.

Wemys House in Dansfert Kilkenny



Sir Patrick Wemyss Knt, a native of Scotland

He was a Capt. Lieut. to the Earl (afterwards Duke) of Ormond in the army of Charles I, and entered Drogheda with fifty horse for it's defence 22/11/1641. He married Mary, daughter of Jonah Wheeler, Bishop of Ossory. He was buried at St Andrew's Church, Dublin 31/5/1660. They had issue. 1. James (Sir) his heir 2. Thomas d.s.p. 3. Maurice, who had a son Francis of whom presently. 4. Henry (Sir) knt, of Dunfert, now Danes Fort co. Kiljenny. Devisee of half his brother, Sir James' estate. Henry married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir George Blundell, Bart. and had [with other issue] a son, Patrick, ancestor of Wemyss of Danesfort. 5. Jonas.

Sir Patrick

d.30/5/1661 and was bd. the next day in St Andrew's Church, Dublin. His eldest son, Sir James Wemyss, Knt. married 5/2/1665 Judith, daughter of Sir William Usher, Knt. Clerk of the Council. By whom he had two daughters. He died 11/11/1674 and was buried at St Andrews 14th, same month. 1. Elizabeth d.19/7/1688 unmarried in her 21st year, was bd. at St Andrews 21st, same month. 2. Mary, died very young.

Sir James,

by his will, dated 1/101672 and 18 Nov. following, devised his estates, subject to a jointure for his wife and portions for his daughters, between his younger brother Henry and his nephew Francis Wemyss, who was father of Francis Wemyss who was married to Miss Agar and had, with a younger son, Maurice, Major-Gen, in the Royal Marines who d.s.p. (died no children), an older son, his successor.

Francis Wemyss,(see Colchester Wemys) Captain Royal Marines, married 1808 Elizabeth, daughter of John Colchester of Westbury [descended from the marriage of Sir Duncombe Colchester 1655, with Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr Sergeant Maynard] and had issue by her [she died 1821]. 1. Francis, his heir 2. James Robert, d.s.p. (died no children) 3. John Maurice, Lieut-Col. Royal Marine Artillery, d.s.p. (died no children) 1. Dorothea, married C.(harles) Barton 2. Mary Elizabeth

Irish Geneologist on the Danesfert Wemys

No 75 Tuesday 19th to Sat 3rd October 1746: Death a few days ago on his way to Bath: Patrick Wemyss Knt. For Kilkenny

The Irish Genealogist Vol. 10 No 2 quoting from Faulkners Dublin Journal of 1762 No 3620

Tuesday 19th to Sat 23 January 1762: Death of Patrick Wemys at Danesfort on 20th January

The Irish Genealogist Vol. 10 No 1; Burgesses of Inistoge, Kilkenny c. 1757 Henry Wemyss

The Irish Genealogist Vol. 9 No 2 quoting Pue's Occurrences 1765 No 3955

Tuesday 19th to Sat 23rd March 1765: Death on Temple Bar descendant of a noble family Lieut. Henry Wemyss and a near relation of Rt. Hon. Countess of Brandon.

The Irish Genealogist Vol.9 No 2 quoting Faulkners Dublin Journal 1765 No 3997

Tues. 13th to St 17th August 1765: at Bath James Wemys MP for Kilkenny

The Irish Genealogist Vol.4 No 6 quoting from Ramseys Waterford Chronicle 1771 No 207.8

Tuesday 8th to Sat 12th April 1771: Died a few days ago at the house of her brother in law, Counc. James Staunton at Waterville Galway, Abigail Wemyss an unmarried lady.

Marriages from Irish Genealogy records Vol. 8 No.2 for Dioceses of Ossary 1739-1804.

12th December 1772 Mary Wemys/ James McRoberts

1st May 1773 James Wemys/Margaret Blundell

8th November 1781 Harriet Wemys/Thomas Pope

Robert Wemys  Thomastown,. Co. Kilkenny(roots unknown)

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Based on the information given we examined our County database for records relating to your ancestors.
We noted the birth of ROBERT WEMYSS on 3rd August 1882, parents were Robert and Ellen, his baptism was on 6th August 1882.
• The marriage of ROBERT and ELLEN was noted in civil records from Thomastown District,6th February 1879.
• We have also noted siblings of Robert and have transcribed these as well as above.
• We next sought baptism of Robert father of Robert born 3rd August 1882 but had no success.

We suggest that the marriage of Robert and Ellen may have been what is known as a mixed marriage because we have found no record of it in Catholic Parish Records from Thomastown though the fact that it took place there is verified by the civil record which does not identify where the ceremony took place.
• We sought death record of this Robert and noted it on 19th October 1907 from Thomastown District as follows: 19th October1907,
Robert Wemyss, married 50 years, labourer, Jerpoint Abbey. Death reported by Ellen Wemyss, who was present at death.
Source: Thomastown District Death Register, no.12. p58 Office of Co. Clinic Kilkenny.

If Robert was baptised into the Church of Ireland it would account for the fact that his record was undiscovered because our holdings are short on many baptisms, marriages and burials that no longer survive. The Wemyss family had land in the civil parish of Danesfort according to the Tithe Survey.

The earliest reference to the surname in our database was in the Hearth
Money (Tax) Rolls of 1622— James Wemys (sic) townland of Danesfort,
Civil Parish of Danesfort.
The Census of Population 1901 returns included one ROBERT WIMS
(sic) resident in Jerpoint Abbey townland, there were ten persons in his

Extracts of marriage and baptism from the Civil District of
Thomastown,. Co. Kilkenny

Robert Weymess Married:Ellen Kavanagh
Marriage date: 6th February 1879
Witnesses: John Kelly & Ellen Forristal
Husbands Residence: Thomastown
Occupation: Civil Servant
Father: John Wemyss/gentleman
Wife's Residence: Jerpoint
father: Thomas Kavanagh/Labourer
Note: (Ages given as full).
Source :Thomastown District Register 4 page 110.

There was no ecclesiastical record of marriage noted but the following baptisms were noted to them:
Birth date: 13th June 1881
Baptism date: l4th June 1881
Sponsors: John Cody& Ellen Forrestall
Residence: Jerpoint

Birth date: 3rd August 1882
Baptism date: 6th August 1882
Sponsors: Anne Byrne (Sp2 not recorded).
Residence: Jerpoint

Baptism date: l8th May 1884
Sponsors: Patrick Cullen & Elizabeth Spellane
Residence: Jerpoint

Birth date: 8th November 1886
Baptism date: 9th November 1886
Sponsors: Edward Walsh & Mary Walsh
Residence: Logan Street

Birth date: 16th March 1889
Baptism date: 6th August 1889
Sponsors: Patrick Follis & Kate Walsh
Residence: Logan Street

Birth date: 18th March 1892
Baptismdate: 20th March 1892
Sponsors: Patrick Walsh & Mary Neil
Residence: Maudlin Street

Birth date: 25th April 1893
Baptism date: 27th April 1893
Sponsors: John Byrne & Mary Anne Walsh
Residence: Jerpoint.

Source: Thomastown Catholic Parish Records/register 3 pages 284,289,295,306.
Register 4 pages 12,39,49.

Note: Records are transcribed as they appear in the register, hence variation in the spelling.