The Frankford Ballyboy Wemys

Are descended from Francis Wemys Grandson of Sir Patrick Wemys( see sections on Kildare and Kilkenny). Prior to living in Offaly they were in Toole, Tuam Galway. This family had significant property in Birr Franford and Dublin (Blind Quay Cadogen Alley Dublin), which was originally owned by Francis Wemys and was past down through many generations.

This branch were originally Protestant and had a tradition of serving in the army and navy. A notable member of this branch was Francis Wemys, who in 1811 became Paymaster for the Southern District of Ireland. He eventually moved to England and lived in Falmouth, Cornwall.

Swearing an unlawful Oath

A notable story from this branch involves two Catholics - Martin and Patrick Weymes from Frankford in Offaly. They where convicted of swearing an unlawful Oath and where sent to the convict colonies in Australia for life. Two magistrates, supported by other Offaly dignitaries, petitioned the government and testified to their good character. They where eventually reprieved after serving six months in the colony. Exceptionally not only where they released but the crown (English Government) paid for their return.

Australian researches of the Weymes family, told us so far they have not found an ancestor who was a convict - but there is a story in our family that the Weymes in Tasmania are descended from an Irish convict. Recent research has found a John Weymes (a Donegal Fisherman born 1762) who was tried at Carrickfergus Co.Antrim in 1823 and sentenced to deportation for life. He was put aboard the Castle Forbes, which berthed on 20th January 1824. He was forwarded to Windsor - Source State Records of New South Wales----Reel no 012/4/3510 p195.