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Official records of this branch start with the Land Title book of 1823 of the Widow Waims who owned 5 gross perches in Kinnigad Westmeath.Next are baptismal records from Kinnigad church of William Weymes and Mary Glynn .They had seven boys and two girls the eldest being Patrick Joseph Weymes born 1841. Many members of this line currently live in Ireland. However, some have moved away - we can link to settlements in Boston and Philadelphia Pennsylvania as well as England.

After 14 years research I have been unable to get any further back in my family records then 1801 and this is due to the fire in the Four Courts in Dublin in 1922 which destroyed most of our genealogically records .

Scottish Baronetcy of  Wemyss and  Bogie's title

In about 1920 when the Scottish Baronacy of Wemyss and  Bogie's title had been unclaimed for 10 years, Patrick Joseph Weymes (Born 1879) commissioned professional genealogical research to see if there was any truth to the rumour he could claim the title. Allegedly this research proved direct descent for the Westmeath Weymes through Sir Patrick Wemyss of Danesfert (see section on Kilkenny). This was not sufficient to claim the title and regretfully only fragments of this work have been seen and even these fragments probably no longer exist.


Wemys Perogative Will index

As it appears on paper

Ref T. 559/41
Dr Patrick
Francis of Toole alias Coolderry Kings co will 1782 Married Frances Derany

children Francis, Anne

Mentioned in will of F.W. Lt. Colonel M.Weyms: Jas and Capt Francis Weyms. Also in will Rev William Weyms and his son William.



History of the Wool and Tanner Businessweymes-store

This business was passed down from Marcella Weymes (B.1796) who was a widower to Patrick Joseph. Weymes. He was born 1841 in Kinnigad Westmeath, and died Jun 1905. He married ANNE CONNEL in 1871 at Mullingar Westmeath. She was born 25 Jun 1854, and died 10 Feb 1914 .Anne was a teacher at the local school and their residence was The Cottage Sowerby Bridge ,Park St ,Kinnigad Westmeath. Some of his children immigrated to America .Theresa went to New York and married a Byrne and had several children. Patrick Joseph junior who was also a teacher married and settled in Boston.

Patrick became bankrupt and sold the business but then in Slater's 1894 his brother Maurice owned it! Then finally it passed to his brother Thomas Weymes and then finally passed onto Patrick Joseph Weymes who became bankrupt in 1923 and lost the business.


Ireland bills of saleweymes-factory

Patrick Weymes Kinnigad(B 1841) skin & Hide dealer sold to George A Wells 19 Temple St Birmingham & ano Sept 22 1880 filed 29 Sept £26:10 shillings Principal creditors petitioning to force a bankruptcy (but often close relatives of the bankrupt helping to protect his assets): and solicitors








Was born About 1847 in Kinnigad Westmeath, and died 14 Dec 1894 . Buried in Cornalstown graveyard Westmeath. He married ROSE MULLINGAN Feb 1866 in Mullingar. She was born about 1850, and died Feb 1908 in 2 Mount St Mullingar Westmeath. Slaters Directory of Mullingar for 1894 records has Maurice Weymes, Wool Merchant residing at Mount St.

Flint & Co's Mercantile Gazette (page 942)

Ireland bills of sale

Patrick Weymes Kinnigad skin & Hide dealer sold to George A Wells 19 Temple St Birmingham & Ano.September 22 1880 filed 29 Sept £26:10 shillings.Principal creditors petitioning to force a bankruptcy (but often close relatives of the bankrupt helping to protect his assets): and solicitors

Slaters Directory of Mullingar for 1894

Records a Maurice Weymes, wool merchant residing at Mount St.

Kellys directory 1905

Thomas Weymes and son Wool merchants and dealers at Mount St Kinnigad and Killucan
Kellys Directory of Leather Trades in Ireland 1915:Weymes T & Sons Mount St


The Colourful Patrick (PJ) Weymes TC. JP

pj-weymes-carPatrick Joseph Weymes was born in Kinnigad Westmeath in 1879, eldest son of Thomas Weymes and Bridget McDermott. Patrick inherited the family wool and Tanner business from his father. Bridget helped built up the wool Business and sent PJ to Bath England to do business studies. His office was in Kilcock where the Munster and Leinster Bank is today.

He was known as a handsome charismatic person who was generous and well liked by the people of Mullingar. He became well known as an entrepreneur, and politician, Chairman of the United Irish League 12 yrs, Chairman of Westmeath County Council and a Commissioner of the Peace. Patrick also was a leading member of the Temperance Society, and a keen Amateur Dramatist.

In Ireland's first Free State election he ran as a candidate and lost. He was one of the few millionaires of that era but he was declared bankrupt in July 27th,1923 Patrick tried to restart his business but the banks foreclosed on him and after several failed attempts he went to America from 1927 to 1932.

PJ first job in America was working on the railways in New York as a porter. A wealthy Irish man recognized him as a Magistrate from Mullingar and asked him to work for him in a Speak Easy in Boston! (Up until then he did not drink) . He eventually finished working in Florida before returning to Westmeath in 1932.He died at the age of 90 in Mullingar a happy and very old man- but also a pauper in the Hospital he had paid for. He is remembered by the people of Mullingar with affection and remains as part of the folklore there.

Patrick Joseph Weymes Family

He married Ethel Shaw in 1904 they had eleven children who partially grew up in Cloynin Castle Delvin .Thomas, Michael, Andrew, William, Joseph, Patrick, Anthony, Bridget, Nan, Monica, and May,Thomas, Joseph, Weymes

Patrick J Weymes Children

Michael Weymesmike-weymes

He was an Army sergeant who died in action in Spain under General Duffys regiment 15 July 1937 and some considered him to be a war hero.

He was educated at St. Fenian's College, Mullingar, and at Castleknock College, served in the Irish Army, later joined the Civic Guards and then went to Spain with his former chief, Gen. O'Duffy. In Spain he became a leader men would follow willingly. But illness struck Michael Weymes and he was in Caceres Hospital when the Brigade returned to Ireland.Michael Weymes recovered in time to take part in the toughest battle of the Spanish war. He was leading his platoon at Villafranco, Astilllo, when he was cut down by a stream of machine-gun bullets.

Thomas Weymes

Thomas was a famous Gaelic footballer playing for Monaghan 1927-1930 His team was Ulster champions in 1927 and 1929 and won the Dr McKenna Cup in 1928.

Tony Weymes

He was a prison officer who became the founding Chairman of the Prison Officers Association (Union).


Reverand Maurice Weymes



Born. 1888, Kinnigad Westmeath.Parents Patrick J Weymes and Ann Connell of Kinnigad Westmeath.He was the Reverand for Glasson Athlone Ireland .He taught Music and was very accomplised.